• Nice Retro style
  • Slot with high payout ratio
  • Cool design
  • Fun gamin experience
  • Really nice jackpot
  • Could have more fun graphics

If you like retro-style slot machines, then Mega Joker may be the game for you. Using traditional symbols and a classic layout, it can provide an old-fashioned playing experience. The game has multiple functions and can be distinguished from other slot machines. It has a super meter mode in which you can win bigger payouts. There are also random wins for certain wild combinations. In addition, the game also has progressive jackpots, which can be triggered randomly at any time. The Ugga Bugga slot might be another slot you are going to like.Try it out!

How this online casino slot works

This classic slot machine has 3 rows, 3 reels, and can choose to use 1 or 5 paylines. When you bet only 1 coin, only the central payline is active. And if you bet 10 coins (max bet), all 5 paylines will be activated. By playing the maximum bet, not only can the payout be increased, but also the super watch mode can be activated when any offline wins are made. This is the second set of reels on top of the machine, with the same 3×3 setup and 5 paylines. You can bet 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins in Super Mode. The bigger the prize, the more coins you bet. Only the best casinos offer these type of games. Before Super Mode or at any time during Super Mode, you can collect bonuses and return to the basic game. Since the decision needs to be based on winning, there is no autoplay option in this game. However, there is a fast play option that can make the reels spin faster, thereby speeding up the game.


Mega Joker bonuses, jackpots and symbols

In the main game, the most valuable symbol is the golden treasure chest, followed by bell, watermelon, lemon and last cherry. Depending on whether you bet 1 coin or 10 coins, the payout will be different. In the speedometer mode, more symbols are added to the reels with their own expenditures. These include oranges, grapes and 7 inches of added value respectively. The game also includes a clown symbol. When betting 1 or 10 coins, get 3 on an active payline, and you will receive a mysterious bonus between 10-200 or 20-400 respectively. In the super mode, 3 jokers will pay 1000 coins for 20 coin bets and 2000 for 40 coin bets. If you bet 100 coins, each clown that falls on the central reel will receive a mysterious reward of 100-2000. Or, if you bet 200 coins in the super mode, each clown will get a mysterious reward between 100-2000 coins at any position on the reel.

Before you make the first spin, you can choose a coin value of 10p, 20p, 50p or £1. Therefore, this is a betting range for playing with only 1 payline. To make a shot when the Super Watch mode is triggered, you need to bet 10 times the coin value. When using all 5 paylines, the minimum bet range is 1 GBP and the maximum is 10 GBP. If you choose to play the Super Multimeter game after winning the line, the game will be played with the same coin value that activated the function. There are 4 betting levels in the multimeter mode, in which you can bet 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins. You can win up to 2000 coins per spin. The slot also has progressive jackpots, which can be randomly rewarded in any spin. In other words, a great slot when it comes to casino bonuses.

Summary of the Mega Joker online casino slot

To be fair, many players enjoy the simple play of classic online slot machines. However, at first glance, the rules of this slot seem a bit complicated. However, if you try the game for free, you will soon understand how the betting system works in the super watch mode. Otherwise, this is a simple game with a retro style. Of course, if you prefer a more modern video slot with more features, please check out other suggested slots. If you are a classic player, you can read our favorite 3-reel slot machine slots. If you really like jokers, then Mega Joker slot machine is your best choice!

In the rules of the game, it is said that playing super watch mode is based on skill. You need to determine the size of the bet and at which level you will receive the bonus. Therefore, the RTP of the game has expanded from 98.1% to a huge 99%, depending on how the player chooses to bet. This is a fun game that can provide impressive victories, especially considering it has jackpots. It’s definitely worth a try!