• Fun gaming experience
  • Great casino bonus
  • Great Graphic
  • Exciting slot
  • Nice wild bonuses
  • No jackpot

Goblins cave is a new and interesting Playtech slot machine, enter the cave of fairy treasures. This is not an ordinary online slot. In fact, this is one of the few ways to put skills into practice. The game has a multi-rotation mechanism, and each bet allows you to spin 2 reels. Choose which symbols to hold wisely, and you can draw a lot of gold from the goblins. This skill element of the game sets it apart from many other things. This also means that RTP can reach an astonishing 99.32%, which is the highest RTP found in online advertising spaces so far.

The slot also has a bonus game where you can win instant cash prizes. You will find complete details about the bonus round in this review. We will also delve into the game mechanics and explain exactly how the rules work. If you like this slot, you probably will love Thunderstruck!


How this online slot works

When you think of goblins, you might think of creepy critters with greedy and twisty nature. However, in this position, the goblin looked very humble. The protagonist is wearing a thick turtleneck sweater, reading glasses and old slippers, with pierced toes, which has a certain appeal, rather than an intimidating edge. The goblin stood beside the reels, turning the crank to spin them.

Goblins cave has 3 reels and 3 rows. When you click on spin, only the 3 reels in the bottom row will be filled with random symbols. At this point, you can choose to keep any symbol for the next rotation. You will see that the reserved symbols fill the corresponding spaces in the other 2 lines. In the next spin, the symbol will fill the 3 reels and all the remaining space in the row. Each line is a payline, and payouts are awarded for matching symbol combinations on each line. This slot is found on the best casinos online.

Goblins cave is a very high RTP Slot

Considering that each spin requires you to decide which symbols to keep, it is understandable that there is no auto-play option in the game. It is this decision-making game method that gives the game its RTP range. When playing less than the maximum number of coins under the average player strategy, the RTP is 94.5%. In the case of the best player strategy, this proportion rises to 95.7%. Only by using the maximum number of coins and the best strategy can RTP reach an impressive 99.32%. It is understandable that although Playtech has not released detailed information on the best player strategy, it is fair to say how holding high-value symbols or repeated symbols reduces the edge of the house to a minimum.

If you immediately arrange the winning symbol combination on the first spin, the game will automatically retain the winning symbol. Although it is recommended to keep these reserved symbols for subsequent rotations, you can still choose to release them and make your own choice. If you choose not to keep any symbols after the first rotation, all reels will be rotated in the next playback, and all 9 positions will be filled with new symbols.

Bonuses, jackpots and symbols

Consistent with the fairy theme, these symbols include various treasures from caves. The symbol with the highest value is the wild color of ruby red. You win x150 payouts of 3 wildcards on a payline, and payouts of 1 or 2 wildcards may appear anywhere on the betting line. This symbol also replaces all other symbols without exception, thereby increasing your chances of completing a high-paying symbol combination. Next is the most valuable symbol, the golden crown, which is used to pay for 3 identical red, purple or green crowns. You will also win any combination of 3 crown symbols. Next are 3 golden teapots, and then ruby, amethyst and emerald rings. The least valuable symbol is a golden coin embossed with a fairy. The game also includes the lantern symbol. These don’t brag about their spending, but they are the key to unlocking bonus games and casino bonuses.

You can select the value of the coin to bet by clicking the + and – buttons. You can set the coin value to 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p 50p, £1, £2, £5 or £10. Since there are 3 fixed paylines, your bet will automatically be multiplied by 3. You can also choose to bet between 1 and 5 coins per spin. You can increase the number of coins played by clicking a bet, up to 5 times. Alternatively, you can click on Max Bet to spin a wheel with up to 5 coins. These different options create bets ranging from only 3p per spin to a maximum of £150 per spin. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the edge of the house will be reduced to a minimum only when you use the best strategy and maximum number of coins to play the game. There is no jackpot in the goblins cave.

free spins and casino bonus

The Bonus Game of the Goblins cave

Although the multi-spin gameplay of this slot machine is incredible, people’s excitement has increased due to the inclusion of bonus games. When 3 lanterns appear on the pay line, the bonus will be triggered. If you line up 3 lanterns in a row in 2 rows, you will get 2 extra rounds, and 3 of them will get 3 extra rounds for filling all 3 reels with lanterns. The bonus game is a simple instant win feature. You will enter the depths of the cave and find 11 treasure chests. Select a box to display instant cash rewards.

Bonus rounds are often triggered when playing games. Although according to our experience, we rarely use multiple sets of lanterns to trigger this function at once. As shown in the picture above, when any lantern symbols fall during the first spin, it is recommended that you hold them to increase the chance of triggering the bonus. On average, the total bet we won from a single bonus round is 10 times the total bet, which greatly increases the funds.

Summary of this online casino slot

Most online slot machines are games of chance. You rotate the shaft and have absolutely no effect on the result. But not in the fairy cave. This is a game that allows you (the player) to influence the outcome. This ability to select strategies and make the best decisions directly affects the degree of profitability of the game. Hone your strategy and you will find that you are playing online slot machines with 99.32% of the highest slot RTP. If you find this multi-spin gameplay appealing, you might also like Ugga Bugga, which has a similar gameplay style.