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Spela casino and mobilenCasino on the phone - More and more common

Playing casino in the mobile phone is becoming more and more common. The online casino and online casino business is changing. More and more people have gone from playing casino online to their computer to instead play casino online in the mobile phone.

With the new technology, more and more casino players are discovering new ways to enjoy themselves when it comes to playing online casino. As the use of smartphones (Iphones, Android and Windows Phone) has increased the low-level in recent years, the market for playing online casino has reached both wide and deep on the front.


Ever since the beginning of the 90 century, when the first online casino opened, progress has gone on. Everything from making the games more realistic to advanced jackpots or bonus games that utilize the graphics to the maximum developed. Along with all these features, you have been actively working to make their slots online more accessible.

The numbers speak for themselves - It was 7% of all casino games that played on a smartphone 2011 to almost triple 2013. Then played 17.4% of all slot machines online on a handheld device.

Many experts believe that when we sum up the 2017 for the casino industry, we will see that over 50% of all online casino players do it on a smartphone or tablet.

The use of smartphones

According to ISS's classic survey "Swedes and the Internet" From 2016 we can see how much the use of smartphones with internet connectivity has increased. 2007 used 2% of Sweden's population mobile daily to be on the Internet, while 2016 is the entire 65% on its smartphone daily.

Even the number of hours spent on the internet via its mobile phone has also increased. Late 2011 has the time spent on its smartphone to be increased online from 5.1 to 9.2 hours a week for just six years.

What one can see that is quite amazing is that more people used their mobile to play games than they did on their computer. Only 32% of the time Swedes played games they did this on the computer while 45% of times used instead a mobile device.

Additionally, they do not mention that they only played casino on the mobile, but it is a fingernail that Swedes prefer to use the mobile to play casino online in front of a computer to play casino online.


The Internet is constantly becoming faster and more accessible. The number of "WiFi Hotspots" and free internet at restaurants, cafes and the like is increasing all the time. This means that players who want to play casino on the phone almost always have the opportunity to do that.

In a survey conducted in the UK, it was reported that 33% of those who play casino online did this on the way to work, 27% did it at work and 23% did it, yes you can guess it - in the bathroom!

As Casino Online has become so popular, it's a great pastime and has almost replaced the classic comic books that people could have in the bathroom to make their taboos more entertaining.

Play casino on mobile

On many of the online casinos that are active today, you can both create an account, deposit money and withdraw your winnings on your mobile. You can use your casino bonuses, free free spins without deposit and play different slots online without having to use a PC or Mac.

All of these things make it increasingly popular to play casino in the mobile phone. Today, most people have their mobile phone available and there is never any problem accessing the casino games you want to play right now.

Although all online slots do not work on mobile, many casino sites are working to have such a wide range of slot machines online that can work to play casino in the mobile.

The major game providers NetEnt, Play N Go and Yggdrasil puts great resources on developing all their games in the future to work on the mobile.

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