About Spinsr

Spinsr was created under 2017 to easily offer you free free spins without deposit, give you the casino bonus you can think of and offer reviews and news about where to play casino for free online and on the mobile.

Who is behind Spinsr

We, the founder of Spinsr, are some experienced casino players who have previously been involved in the iGaming values ​​and most of us have been working on various gaming sites in Malta. We have long experience and a large network of casino business and can therefore offer exclusive casino bonuses, free free spins without deposit and provide insights into a world of online slot machines.

Valuable content

At Spinsr we have writers who have long experience of playing casino online. This allows us to give you an invaluable insight into different casino's online casino bonuses, where you can easily find free free spins without deposit and any online casinos that have the best slot machines online. We want to fend like a reference for casinos online

Added value

We always strive to deliver as much value as possible to you who play casino online. By working with over online casinos we can always offer you a huge casino bonus, free free spins without deposit or the latest promotions. Through this you will be able to gain more value when you play casino online or in your mobile

Casino Portal

We want you to always be able to browse Spinsr to find a new online casino that you want to try to play. As part of this, many of our casinos offer free free spins without deposit and a wide range of slot machines online. You'll also find the latest news about casino bonuses so you'll never miss it


We always want to be available if you would like any information or know more about how to play casino for free on the internet. Through us, you always find your new casino bonus or free free spins without deposit and we hope to help you if you have questions about a casino bonus, free spins or the like