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Anna Casino is a new one. Fresh, maybe a little feminine casino that offers a whole world of amazing gaming experiences. The casino was launched 2014 and has a big focus on its loyal casino players.

They offer 20 pieces free free spins without deposit 2017 and you have the chance to get up to 200 free spins when you deposit money. This allows you to without problems spela casino gratis online Together with this, Anna Casino invites them best casino bonus up to 2 000 kronor for new players who want to try to start playing at this comfortable and nice casino. Why not try to play at any of their many slots online when it's free for free?

Anna Casino is great for use with your smartphone. Playing casino in the mobile phone becomes very easy as Anna Casino offers a mobile-friendly site that works perfectly in your browser with both iphone and android.

We have played quite a bit at Anna Casino and have to say that we are very impressed with their customer service, which is both helpful and pleasant. If you want to play at a casino where you get a terrific experience while feeling well appreciated as a player, Anna Casino is just for you.

Anna Casino focuses on female players, and some of their style is to offer a feminine casino that is open to all. We like the feeling that the casino gives and if you play a lot at Anna Casino, you can be sure that you are rewarded for it. This is always appreciated by us and we like when a casino can even give the best casino bonus to existing players or free free spins without deposit to those already playing with them instead of just giving it to new players. A cannon casino definitely!

If you want to play at a casino where you get a grim game experience while feeling appreciated as a player, Anna Casino is just for
CasinoCollectBonusFree SpinsIn a nutshellRating
Anna CasinoDownload bonusBonus free spins casino2 000 NOK BONUSCasino Freespins Bonus200 FREESPINS
  • New casino
  • Great campaigns
  • Mass freespins
Nästacasino with free spins

Advantages of the casino

Casino bonus

Anna Casino is no snug casino and via spinsr you get their best casino bonus up to 2 000 when you deposit money with them. Their best casino bonus works on your first deposit and matches your deposit with 100%. This allows you to play twice as much casino as you otherwise could not. In addition, you'll also get up to 200 free spins 2017 if you deposit money on your first visit. Additionally, you will receive free free spins without deposit immediately upon registration. Another thing that we should definitely not forget is that you, who is an existing player at Anna Casino, plays a bit of time, often being rewarded with both free spins and a casino bonus every now and then thanks for playing with them.

Free spins

Anna Casino offers 20 free spins without deposit 2017 and if you choose to deposit money you have the opportunity to get a really nice gift of them. You can get up to all 500 free spins to play for which gives you very much value as new players on this casino. As a faithful player at Anna Casino, you can be sure that you are treated and rewarded thereafter. Anna Casino often has campaigns where you can get one of their best casino bonuses or free free spins without deposit every now and then as a thank you for choosing to play at just Anna Casino. As a player, this is very grateful and we really like when a casino takes care of its players.

Casino Bonus Code

Anna Casino has no current casino bonus codes 2017 for new players. Instead, you have chosen to invest in giving their players their best casino bonus automatically. We've been scouting at most serious online casinos and more and more online casinos have managed to use bonus codes 2017. This is a way to make it easier for you as a casino player who does not have to worry about number and number combinations when you just want some fun and play for your best casino bonus or use your free free spins without deposit. We are not particularly fond of things that complicate processes so we think Anna Casino is doing the right thing when you want to play slots online. However, Anna Casino may occasionally issue promotional codes to existing players so that they receive an additional casino bonus or more free free spins without deposit.

Range of casino games

The range of games is not too overwhelming at Anna Casino, but there are a total of over 200 casino games to choose from. We like that there are not too many and it's easy to find their favorite games betting all the slots online, as Anna Casino offers the most common game provider, namely the Swedish NetEnt, which really has many slots of the highest quality. It's perfect to test some of the lesser-known games once you have received a casino bonus or some free free spins without deposit that you can avail. Maybe you can find a whole new favorite game blannd their slots online. We like when casinos blend both old games, new games as well as famous and unknown games, because it will be such a great mix.

anna casino bonus 2017

Mobile-enabled casino

Of course, we think you can avail your best casino bonus or free free spins without deposit 2017 wherever you are. Then it's important that the casino you want to play has a proper side where you can play casino on your mobile without any problems. An increasing number of casino players appreciate being able to play the casino while on the move or give some extra excitement when heading to work and then it's good to be able to play casino in the mobile. This option offers Anna Casino an excellent way with its new mobile casino.

Free spins 2017 iphone

Iphone casino

If you have an apple product and want to play for your free spins 2017 then you do not have to worry that Anna Casino will stop you. They have an excellent app that works brilliantly on your browser on the phone. Playing casino in the mobile phone can sometimes be difficult, but here it is very easy. Anna Casino also lets you easily add them as an option on the home screen, making it very easy to access the page. An excellent choice to play for your casino bonus when you wait for the coffee to cook ready or that your friends will call you and enjoy you on the birthday.

casino bonus 2017 android

Android casino

If you want to make use of your casino bonus, but are afraid that your frog for Android phones will stop you, you can be calm as a file pile. Anna Casino has a fast, smooth and easy web version that makes it a real pleasure to play casino in the mobile. We like to be given the opportunity to add the app to the home screen, as this means that you do not have to keep on typing the URL every time the breath falls and you are craving to play some casino in your mobile. This makes it an obvious choice to play for your free free spins without deposit while you wait for breakfast on the bed or the drink is ready.

Summary of casino

Anna Casino is the perfect casino for you if you like being taken care of as a player and rewarded for your gambling. With a wide range of games and a generous welcome bonus with lots of free spins, it's hard to say no-try to start playing at Anna Casino.

Anna Casino has free free spins without deposit 2017 and with their best casino bonus plus the 200 free spins we get, we think that Anna Casino delivers when it comes to casino bonuses.

That you can easily play on your mobile phone and do not have to worry about entering the URL every day means that we want to give Anna Casino one more plus. We also like that one has chosen to focus more on those who are women and maybe want to play at a more feminine casino that feels warmer and cozy than many others.

At the same time, we know many players, both men and women who have heard of us and told us how much they like to play casino online at Anna Casino.

Take the opportunity to take advantage of their casino bonus and free spins 2017 and try out a casino that you might not find otherwise. You will not be disappointed!

3 Easy Reasons to Play at Anna Casino:

  • A lot of free free spins without deposit

    200 free free spins without deposit, thank you, we'll take it!

  • Rewards their loyal players in a good way

    At Anna Casino you will feel right like a VIP player

  • A casino with both warmth and female touch

    We like the personal service we receive and the soft design

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