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At Spinsr you can always find the best casino bonus online. A casino bonus can be called different things on different sides and some of the names that are commonly used are deposit bonuses, welcome bonus, registration bonus or the right casino bonus.

At Spinsr we collaborate with over 50 online casinos online which we think has the best casino bonuses we've been able to find. For us it is most important that you as a new casino player get as good a bonus offer as possible, but also that you as a player will be rewarded with new bonuses even if you are not a new player.

The 3 most common myths about casino bonuses

  1. You only get bonus as new players.

false: If you play a lot on a casino online, you often get both extra casino bonuses and free spins a little over and over as an estimate for playing online casino on that page.

  1. The impossible to win for a casino bonus

false: We have seen many players who played for their casino bonuses and then won the real money they were able to spend and spend in real life. Most casino bonuses have sales requirements, but if you win a large sum, you can quickly convert the money you have deposited and you can then take it out in real money.

  1. You only get casino bonus if you deposit money

false: There are today some online casinos that share free casino bonuses that you can play for direct after registration. You can thus play for free and win real money at these casinos. An example of one of these is: mobile Slot

casino bonus

Save money with casino bonuses

It may sound a bit strange, save money, but the fact is that with a casino bonus you usually get doubled, tripled or even doubled the amount you deposit and play for. This allows you to play much more at a casino online than you would otherwise have. In other words, you get more value for money you deposit. We like this and usually use this resource when we try some new slots online or are excited to play on a slot machine we have not yet tested. You get a lot more gaming experience from your casino player when using a deposit bonus or welcome bonus.

Most online casinos also offer you an online casino bonus if you have not played for a while on their online casino. That way, you can get back and play more at their online casino and get much more of your casino gaming than if you've just deposited money as usual. Good, is not it?

Our list of casino bonuses and casino free spins

In our "Casinolist" you will find your best casino bonus that you can find online. We only cooperate with really good online casinos that we trust and, as we know, can offer really good bonuses to our players. To make it easy for you, we've compiled everything on easy lists, where you can easily find what you want. We know that every player has different needs, while one likes casino free spins, maybe the other just wants to play at Swedish casinos.

We really hope that you appreciate the online casinos we work with and would like to hear if you have any opinions if you are missing something and feel free to contact us in that case.

In the end, Spinsr is committed to delivering an easy way for you to play casino online in such a good and efficient manner. Nothing else! presents

CasinoCollect Bonus Free Spins Summary recension
igame casinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino 1000€Casino Freespins Bonus150
  • Smooth payments
  • Freespins directly
  • Good reward system
Slots spins casino
play casino for free onlineCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino 800€Casino Freespins Bonus210
  • New casino
  • 10 gratis free spins
  • Swedish casino
Slots spins casino
Freaky Vegas CasinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino800€Casino Freespins Bonus525
  • 500 freespins
  • Awesome bonus
  • Award winning casino
Nästacasino with free spins
thunder casinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino600€Casino Freespins Bonus200
  • Big bonus
  • Lots of free spins
  • Great customer service
Slots spins casino
CasinoHeroes CasinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino1300€Casino Freespins Bonus900
  • Lots of free spins
  • Wide range of games
  • Very free spins
Slots spins casino
Casumo CasinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus1200€Free Spins200
  • Wide range
  • Fun game
  • Free spins
Leo Vegas CasinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino5000€Casino Freespins Bonus400
  • Massive bonus
  • Works on the phone
  • 200 Free spins
Slots spins casino
Svea casinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino 800€Casino Freespins Bonus100
  • Free freespins
  • Awesome bonus
  • New casino games
Slots spins casino
Bertil CasinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino100€Casino Freespins Bonus250
  • Safe casino
  • Swedish casino
  • 100 freespins
Nästacasino with free spins
Casino CruiseCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino 1000€Casino Freespins Bonus200
  • Freespins often
  • Award-winning casino
  • Good range
Slots spins casino
spinit casinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino 1000€Casino Freespins Bonus200
  • Massive bonus package
  • Lots of free spins
  • Exciting game
Slots spins casino
Chanz casinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino 100€Casino Freespins Bonus310
  • Big bonus
  • Social community
  • Unexpected surprises
Slots spins casino
Anna CasinoCLICK FOR BONUSBonus free spins casino200€Casino Freespins Bonus200
  • New casino
  • Great campaigns
  • Mass freespins
Nästacasino with free spins

Learn what casino bonus to choose

When it comes to playing casino online, it's always important to read which casino terms apply to the casino bonuses you want to use. Which casino bonus you choose then belongs to what you need for players. If you like to play very much online casino and may not care very much about winning money then maybe a bonus with higher sums and higher sales requirements applies to you. If you want to invest more in winning real money, but do not worry about how much you can play, then a lower bonus with lower sales requirements may suit you better.

All of this is individual and it simply depends on your needs when playing online slots. Below you can read more about what to think about when using a bonus and some tips and tricks when it comes to playing casino for free online or using a casino bonus.

3 makes you think about using a casino bonus online

  1. Find out the terms of your casino bonus

If you are unsure of what your casino bonus really provides, it's important that you read the terms properly. Usually there are no strangers but all you need to keep in mind is the sales requirement

  1. Is that the casino you play at a good online casino

When you deposit money you would like to know which ones slots The online casino has if they have good customer service and if they reward their players with shuffle casino bonuses even when you're no new player anymore. All info about casino free spins, slot machines online and if you can play casino on your mobile phone can be found in our casino reviews.

  1. How much bonus do you receive if you deposit money

Many online casinos have a maximum limit for how much money you can get as much as you deposit money. You can easily find the ones that offer the most money in our list below. It's perfect to check before choosing which online casino to play. It is one of the advantages of playing online casino instead of one real casino in reality.

Casino bonus without sales requirement

Today it is hard to find online casinos that offer bonuses without sales requirements, but there are some casinos still doing it. When it comes to casino bonuses today, it's always important to try to read the terms and conditions of what the casino you are going to play at. Just like anything else when it comes to all online casino bonuses they have different types of rules. We will always share with casinos who offer casino bonuses without sales requirements and you will find this info, partly in their review, but also under our casino units.

free free spins without deposit

Casino free spins and casino bonus at the same time

Many online casinos offer casino bonuses and casino free spins today. You can also get these at the same time. If you are lucky you can even get a so-called "Triple". This means that you get free free spins without deposit upon registration, their best casino bonus upon deposit and then additional casino free spins when depositing money. We always list what bonus a online casino provides in our "Casinolist" and how many casino free spins you can get on deposit.

If you want to know if you can play free casino online at a specific gaming company then you will find it in the list for "Free free spins without deposit".

Free casino bonus without deposit

Some online casinos today offer you the opportunity to play casino free online with a free casino bonus that you receive immediately upon deposit. This means you do not have to deposit money and can instantly play casino for free online. We always inform you about these so you do not have to look for flashback after your casino bonus. Here you will find everything compiled and do not really need other pages to find the best casino bonuses without deposit. We always update our news with new casino free spins, online slots and casino bonuses that you can share and constantly negotiate with new online gaming companies to get the best casino bonuses the net has to offer.

Bonus code for casino online

Most online casinos do not offer casino bonus codes 2019. There are a few Redbet that offers these codes that you must use for deposit to get to know your casino bonus, but also of your casino free spins. Most casinos offer via Spin your bonus directly automatically when you deposit money or register with them. This is to prevent you from interfering with codes and number combinations or risk losing a bonus or any casino free spins.

However, what many online casinos use are promotional codes. These can they hand out to their existing players to get an extra casino bonus when they deposit money next time. This is highly appreciated by many players and we really like rewarding their loyal players. Look out for casino promotion codes 2019 during casino news on Spinsr.

New casino bonuses

We often update with new casino bonuses and always try to be at the forefront when it comes to offering a large index of online casinos online. We always want to offer something new, be it casino free spins, the best casino bonus on the net, or detailed reviews to help you find the right casino bonus or know what the best online casino is for you. On our news site for online casinos you will always find all new bonuses and we hope that you will always find what you are looking for on Spinsr - Your index for casinos online.

What are the trends in casino bonus 2019

A trend we have seen is that many online casinos offer casino bonuses without deposit in the same way as previously offered free free spins without deposit. This is a way for casino players to test at the casino and feel safe before depositing money.
We are sorry to see that the trend for casino bonuses without revenue requirements is slowing down. Another thing that is happening, as we see more and more, is that many casinos have gone from offering a deposit bonus instead of giving a welcome bonus and then maybe 2-3 for deposit bonuses on upcoming deposits. This is because, as a new player on a casino, you get the chance to play a little more casino free online before deciding if you want to be a loyal player for that particular casino.

Our four favorites

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Freakyvegas fratis free spins 2017
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