Best paying slots online – How to simply find them

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One question we often ask ourselves is, How do we find the best paying slots online? Well, prior to playing online slots, you most likely browsed through reviews, guides and muddled through the entire wide variety of information drifting around out there, and stumbled upon the acronym ‘RTP’. This means Return to Player and, in other words, this is an indication of how high a game’s payment percentage is.

In this article, we’re going to take a thorough look at what RTP is, how it’s calculated, why volatility matters, and ultimately why you need to know. This is a comprehensive guide on how to find the best paying slots online.

Not every slot game is the very same. This is important to know. Understanding RTP, ‘Volatility’ and other aspects could help you maximize your online casino experience. If you wish to improve your strategy before diving into online casino games, ensure that you’re prepared and equipped with an understanding of how it all works. Make certain to check out through to get the full picture and

High RTP equals best paying slots online

RTP (Return To Player) is represented as a percentage that indicates what amount of a player’s wager will be returned to them. It is there, to name a few details, to basically assist players to make informed choices on their chances of succeeding in a particular game prior to they decide whether to play. Playing at slots can be done on some of the best casinos online and we have lots of reviews for you to help you find one.

So what is a common Return to Player percentage? The greater the RTP percentage, theoretically, the more frequently you’re likely to win, with great slots usually having an RTP percentage of around 95%.
Sounds great, right? Does this mean that you win 95% of the time when playing a game with an RTP of 95?
Well, No. This number it’s not always quite what it appears.

The main point that is very crucial to understand is that RTP is a ‘theoretical’ number. It is a percentage that’s computed over a long period of time of gameplay and ought to not be taken actually. It is basically a sign on how much will return back to the player if they play long enough i.e. multiple thousands of spins– this is not an indication of predicted brief term success. The best slots online usually have a high RTP and that is why we always recommend those.

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Why then, do we require to understand the Return To Player percentage if it’s not to be taken actually?
First of all, informing players of a game’s RTP, amongst other details, is a requirement from European video gaming authorities. The concept is to guarantee openness and satisfy the needed standards and aims to reassure players that game developers are not enjoying unreasonable practices

It is a requirement that developers need to let players understand what the chances of a win are on each and every game. You will for that reason always be able to discover the RTP of the slots you like to play. You can frequently discover the RTP in a slot’s info area on a developer’s website.

At this point we must clarify that casinos do not always make their own games. They license games from developers. These developers could certify the exact same game to different casinos. You can often discover jackpots that are built up in one game by players across different casinos, however we’ll cover this a little later in the post.

Ultimately, understanding a game’s RTP helps you handle your interactions with online games. Being notified of prospective long term outcomes can help you budget plan successfully and maximise your experience.
How can this help you make informed choices? First, we need to understand how RTP is calculated.
How is RTP Calculated?

Simply put, the Return to Player rate is the variety of total wins divided by the overall stakes wagered.
As an example, let’s think of a slot with an RTP of 95%. On this game, you would theoretically expect a return of €950.
It is essential to understand the ‘Home Edge’ number, no matter what game you’re playing, whether that’s slots or table games, online or in a physical casino. The ‘Home Edge’ tells you just how much of your wager ultimately goes to the casino. To decrease the house edge can be decreased a little by using some of the best casino offers online.

As you will see from looking through all the games online, even the slots with the highest RTP slots won’t be 100%. The RTP is there to tell you, over time, what will in theory come back to the player, however also designed to let you understand what will probably go to the casino.
Now, this is something that all of us know. The casino will constantly have the edge, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be any casinos.

I understand what you’re believing, ‘what’s the point of playing a game where the return is less than my stake?’. That’s where volatility is available in.

What is Volatility?

‘ Volatility’, or ‘variation’ as it is in some cases called, is likewise an aspect together with the RTP when choosing a game to play and preparing your technique. It’s how we can examine whether a game is ideal for us and another sign of what our actual success could be.

There are low volatility games and high volatility games. They work like this:
Low volatility games would pay out smaller wins, however do so more often. High volatility slot games would pay bigger wins, and do so less regularly.

Why is this? When playing, slot makers differ between high and low volatility to fit various kinds of players and their choices. Playing a game with low volatility can be done so with low stakes for a very long time, building up stable and little wins. While high volatility games may not return a win of any kind for many spins, however when the player strikes, it pays out huge.

On a regular basis, you will find that the biggest RTP percentages have lower volatility. Typically this suggests that even with greater stakes, you can expect lower payments. The possibility of winning big is decreased.

And alternatively, games that have higher volatility tend to have a lower RTP, the home has more of an edge in time, however the player has greater opportunities for a huge payment.

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Best paying slots online are effected by volatility

The game pools cash bet by you and other players. Typically, in high volatility slots, bets are kept up more intensely by the slot to contribute to bigger and less frequent wins, you might expect an average of winning mixes to in theory happen every 10 spins. Whereas in low volatility games, the slot pools cash less intensely and you may expect an average of winning combinations to theoretically happen every 3 spins. This is some of the characteristics of the highest paying slots online today.

A slot’s volatility plays a significant role in getting an idea of your actual chances of winning, even with a high RTP. That’s why many players prefer to play slots with a previously unmentioned medium volatility! This might be seen as striking a great balance in between the frequency of your wins and the amount you win.

So what does all this mean in relation to actual numbers? Well, a great online slot should generally have a rate of around 95% or above. Anything above 97% would be classified as high RTP and probably be low volatility. Any slot with an RTP below 95% might be seen as a ‘money grabber’, where the ‘House Edge’ and volatility would be expensive for many players.

And also other exciting stuff…

But wait, there’s more. There’s really another type of game to think about. Progressive jackpots games.
Why did we choose to talk about progressive jackpot games individually? Since these games are really various.
As we pointed out previously, developers might license the same game to different casinos. You might find that a game is a progressive jackpot game.

Progressive jackpot games, or ‘international games’, work like this: all players of a progressive prize game contribute to an enormous, cumulative prize– held by the game. Whereas ‘local’ games contribute player stakes, from only that casino, into a smaller sized pot– held by that particular casino. These progressive prize games have the potential for extremely big payouts compared to, state, regional, low volatility slot games. This is one thing that almost all the best paying slots online have in common.

Depending on the type of player you are, progressive prizes may be more attractive. As you’re playing, you’re constantly contributing to an ever-growing prize.

Due to the fact that of the draw of the substantial jackpot on offer, RTP rates of these progressive jackpot games are set appropriately. The capacity for a substantial win methods that the volatility is normally very high and as such, the RTP will be low in comparison to other games, meaning more of the player’s cash will statistically go to the house.

As you are beginning to see, your winning capacity is affected by numerous elements. If you are someone that takes an analytical technique to your game, you should keep all of these functions in mind.

What is RNG?

So, on the face of it, the casino has a ‘House Edge’ and the games could be seen as too volatile to win not unpredictable or huge sufficient to win anything, does the player have any chance to come out on top? The answer is, yes!

To guarantee fairness, games need to utilize something called RNGs, or ‘Random Number Generators’. These make certain that every stake has as much of a chance of winning as any other bet made by any other player.
The Random Number Generators are not conscious or affected by a huge prize simply paid out or for how long a player has invested in the game because particular session, they are objective and fair– regulators guarantee that this holds true. This guarantees that players are not controlled by the game into wagering more or playing longer.

The result of games are completely random by style and because of this, there is a statistical average. This is the randomness that offers us the adventure of playing the game!
Exists more to think about on a slot game than RTP and volatility?
There is, but it’s not as apparent. Something called ‘Hit Frequency’.

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What is Struck Frequency?

Another aspect of slot games is ‘Hit Frequency’. The distinction in between ‘Hit Frequency’ and RTP is that game makers are not actually required to officially reveal their slot’s hit frequency percentage.

In case of you finding out the ‘Struck Frequency’ of a game, in addition to its RTP, it could supply an additional layer of analysis in estimating the potential of that particular slot. This helps you to find a way to calculate what the best paying slots online are.

How to calculate on the best paying slots online

Can you yourself compute the game’s RTP and volatility? Of course, you could, however, there’s a reason that gambling authorities do that work for you: you require a lot of data!
If you did desire to keep track of your own RTP and test the information you are offered, you just have to divide:.

The overall quantity you won over a session (consisting of money won from free spins, etc), by:.
The total quantity you bet over that session.

To examine a game’s actual volatility, as you experience it, you ‘d require to record information in higher detail. The more sporadic and bigger the wins, the higher the volatility.

Additional Functions.

Something more typical with high RTP games is that companies have consisted of fun reward games and functions within those games– bonus functions like wilds, multipliers or complimentary spins.

This is since the competitive online casino market, slots with good RTP rates, that attract players, require the competitors to innovate with attractive rewards and attractive games that players will enjoy. Eventually, this competitors keeps the online casino market lively and makes sure that the RTP percentages throughout the board stays high. This competition means that you, the player, will be the winner!

If you’ve played physical slots and online slots, you’ll be interested to know that online slot games have a higher RTP than physical slots. Why? With very couple of overheads, online casinos can pass the benefits onto the players, through better odds, welcome bonus offers and routine offers.


What can we take away from our dive into Return to Player percentages?

Eventually, the time and resources needed to compute the RTP percentage of a game will be beyond many of us. The only thing you can do is search for reliable and transparent online games that display RTP numbers. This detail is computed for you and is there to help notify you, and, in showing this information, any developer that has actually complied with regulators has shown its stability.

That being stated, do we listen to the actual theory behind the RTP percentages? Many things we went over in this post were ‘theoretical’.
Well, yes and no. It’s more complicated than that.

Yes, the RTP number helps us make noise decisions on what games to play that match us separately and the type of game we desire to have. It can determine games of quality that we ‘d take pleasure in.
And, no, we should not let it affect us entirely, because we understand what slot devices are. We’re well mindful that we may not get our RTP percentage back in a single session … but we definitely could get far more! Far, far more.

Whatever slot game you decide to play, remember that the RTP, no matter how high the number, is never an assurance for wins. And while the motivation to play online slots may be because of the enjoyment that you may strike it huge, it is necessary that your relationship with online gaming be a responsible and healthy one. Never forget that.

Knowing information behind the games you wish to play, such as RTP and volatility, will aid you in assessing the games you encounter and assist you decide whether they are right for the player you are.
Making notified decisions that assist you in your strategy can make your experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.